Functionally Integrated Training is a proprietary training system in which we help clients achieve their goals by personalizing their training programs.

Exercise is a process unique to each individual which is why its a superior way to tone up and burn compared to the many quick fix alternatives in the industry today.  The premise of the F.I.T training system always revolves around the client’s goals and aspirations, and its appropriate whether your goal is to lose 30lbs or to compete in sports at an elite level.

With the principals of F.I.T we strive to make our clients stronger, improve stability of their joints, increase cardiovascular capabilities, and restore flexibility.  The process is strategically designed and is constantly evolving like your progress does along the way. Most importantly its challenging and fun, keeping clients engaged is our way of making them accountable to achieving their goals.

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  • Winter Bootcamp Schedule

    Monday 9:30am Boot Camp "Strength & Conditioning" Sab
    Monday 12pm Boot Camp "Cardio Class" John
    Monday 6pm Boot Camp "HIT" Sab
    Tues 6:30pm Boot Camp "HIT" Ashlea
    Wed 12pm Boot Camp "Cross Fit" Adam (Advanced)
    Wed 6:30pm Boot Camp "H.I.T" Sab
    Thur 9:30am Boot Camp "Strength & Conditioning" Sab/Adrian
    Thur 6:30pm Boot Camp "Butt Kick Boot Camp" Ashlea
    Fri 12pm Boot Camp "TRX Class" Sab
    Sat 10am "TRX Class" Sab