FitStudios has been an industry leader for athletic development for over 13 years.  We have worked with thousands of athletes from all different sports. We specialize in Hockey and Soccer and have years of experience working with runners, triathletes, baseball & basketball players, dragon boat clubs, golfers and swimmers.  Our experienced and qualified staff provide some of the best sport specific programing in York Region. Understanding the science behind athletic development, all FitStudios sports programs take into consideration age, gender, sport and time of year of training based on in-season and off-season requirements. We tailor all team training programs to meet the goals and needs of each individual team. Our programs are designed to maximize the physical characteristics needed for that sport while allowing them to be fun and engaging for all participants. FitStudios track record speaks for itself when it comes to fostering the success of athletes and teams. Our past successes include; silver-stick championships, the OHL cup (invitational), and promotion to CSL/REP in soccer just to name a few.  Every team that has walked through our doors has walked away a champion.

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  • Fall Winter 2015 Bootcamp Schedule

    Monday 9:30am Boot Camp "Strength & Conditioning" Sab
    Monday 12pm Boot Camp "Cardio Class" John
    Monday 6pm Boot Camp "HIT" Sab
    Tues 6:30pm Boot Camp "HIT" Ashlea
    Wed 12pm Boot Camp "Cross Fit" Adam (Advanced)
    Wed 6:30pm Boot Camp "H.I.T" Sab
    Thur 9:30am Boot Camp "Strength & Conditioning" Sab/Adrian
    Thur 6:30pm Boot Camp "MMA Boot Camp" Siavash
    Fri 12pm Boot Camp "TRX Class" Sab
    Sat 10am "TRX Class" Sab

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